Mission bar Junior is among the many California watering holes and nightlife venues set to close. (Courtesy of @juniorsf)

All California Bars and Nightlife Venues to Shutter due to Covid-19


For those of you inclined to drink during moments of crisis, brace yourselves.

On Sunday, Governor Gavin Newsom has called for all California bars, nightlife venues, wineries, and breweries, regardless of their size, to close in an effort toward "deep social distancing."

Restaurants, including bars that serve food, are allowed to remain open (for now) but Newsom recommended they cut capacity to 50-percent. Already many Bay Area restaurants—including Delfina and China Live—have reported moving tables to create more distance between diners, and many others are shifting gears to offer delivery and takeaway. And some, including Che Fico, Lord Stanley, and Rich Table have already closed. Meanwhile, in New York City, all restaurants have now been limited to takeout and delivery only.

You can still support our local restaurant industry by ordering takeout and delivery rather than dining in. Here's our list of SF restaurants offering special menu items, pantry and meal kits, and more in the time of Covid-19.

In the same press release, Newsom also urged all residents over the age of 65 or with underlying health conditions to stay home, saying so with "eyes wide open at the magnitude of what it means." The state has implemented 13 task forces to provide meals and medicines to older Californians.

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