(Photography by Anna-Alexia Basile)

Anna-Alexia Basile Shoots Fashion at SF Color Factory—Be Still Our Hearts


There may be nothing more au courant in San Francisco than the wildly popular Color Factory—the 12,000-square-foot rainbow-bright art installation that has the city's designistas Instagramming up a storm—and those who didn't get to see the sold-out phenomenon turning pale from FOMO. A new fashion shoot from behind the kaleidoscopic ribbons is sure to dial up the mania.

"Stepping into the Color Factory is like stepping into another dimension," says Anna-Alexia Basile, who photographed the Fall 2017 collection of cozy knits and leather jackets for the New York–based fashion house Veda. "I chose the Color Factory because color is the primary force that drives my work"—a truth that's easy enough and quite beautiful to behold in the local creative maven's own Instagram gallery.

The project makes marvelous use of color, both in monochromatic and contrasting fashion: An ever-so-green leather bomber against a wall of other verdant shades sparks the imagination, while a royal blue velvet dress against a pink velvet chesterfield sofa makes less of a statement about color than it does about texture.

"We were really excited to have her shoot at the Color Factory," says Kim LoCicero, marketing director for Veda, which has collaborated with Basile this past. "Anna's photography brings a playful aspect to the brand and it's fun to see the juxtaposition of the environments she chooses with the fabrications and colors used in our collection."

On Thursday, August 17th, Veda and Basile will host at a trunk show at Mission boutique Le Point to debut the fall collection, as well as a special Untitled zine showcasing the Color Factory shoot.

"Jordan Ferney, Leah Rosenberg and Erin Jang—the masterminds behind the [Color Factory], did an incredible job of creating a dream world that is both impactful and engaging—exactly the kind of place where I enjoy making images the most," says Basile. "Merging the relationship of art and fashion within a physical space felt natural, and the clothes really vibed with the surrounding environment. Have a look for yourself…"

// 5-9pm, Aug. 17 at Le Point, 301 Valencia St. (Mission), shoplepoint.com, thisisveda.com, and annaalexiabasile.com.

(Photography by Anna-Alexia Basile)

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