Popping bottles in 1925 via White Flag

8 Badass Women Who Changed the Game in San Francisco History


Here's for some major female empowerment.

Women have done some rad stuff in history; much of which has been underreported or long forgotten. We've done our homework though and found many a local female badass in our city's backstory. Take a look at some of the coolest women to leave their mark on San Francisco history.

Daisy Simspon, "Lady Hooch Hunter"

via The National Archives, Pieces of History

Daisy Simpson was one of the few female Bureau of Prohibition agents of the Treasury Department. She served from 1921 until 1925, when women were banned from serving as field agents. During her tenure, Daisy went undercover and uses a variety of disguises. In one sting, she pretended to faint outside a bar; when the bar employees gave her whiskey, she arrested them.

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