Bassnectar Turns Up Benevolent Bass


Womp, Womp, Womp. Wobbling bass speakers. Giraffe, zebra and furry-headed costumes. Sweat-dripping fans hanging over the balcony railing. Front-row heroes bouncing with their hands in the air. Freaks dancing on tables, chairs, anything wide enough to stand on. Lights. Video mashes. Hip-hop. Metal. Funk. This is Bassnectar. Yet there’s more to it, than a massive sound, a beat-freak following and out-of-control performances.

Lorin Ashton (aka Bassnectar) touched down once again in San Francisco Friday night, followed by a show in the town of his alma matter, Santa Cruz, Saturday night. Fresh into his “Art of Revolution” tour, the Bay Area-based musician is set to play up to 100 dates this year. And with a brand-new custom built sound system called the Wobble Factor, Bassnectar is louder than ever (see video from SF show below).

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But his coined musical style “omni-tempo maximalism” isn’t the only thing he’s passionate about. In line with his bachelor’s degree from UCSC in community studies, Ashton is using his music to promote community activism. His latest project: saving the same program he graduated from.

Due to budget cuts, the school is set to downsize the 40-year-old community studies major effective July 2009. To draw attention to the matter, Ashton invited members of the Coalition To Save Community Studies to the Santa Cruz show to rally for support and donations. And in between his crowd-surfing remix of Slayer and his new single “Art of Revolution”, Ashton told the crowd from the heart what the community studies major meant to him and the experiences that helped make him who he is.

With Ashton’s help and the support of Santa Cruz community, the Coalition To Save Community Studies has grown significantly, garnering more than 3,000 members to their Facebook group and hosting numerous fundraisers. But this isn’t the only benevolent act Bassnectar will make. Throughout his tour, he’ll invite various community action organizations to his shows to blast 80khz of bass behind their causes (see video from Santa Cruz show below).

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Check out Bassnectar dates here and learn more about the Coalition To Save Community Studies here.

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