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Can both sides of the bay now make the claim that they’ve got the most electrifying quarterback in the NFL taking snaps? It’s looking that way.

Last year Colin Kaepernick took the NFL by storm, leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl with dazzling displays with both his arms and his legs.

While few would bet on the Raiders making a Super Bowl run this year, in new quarterback Terrelle Pryor, they’ve got both hope and the confidence that he could mesmerize Coliseum every time he touches the ball.

Such was the case on Saturday the first time he touched the ball. From the Raiders’ first snap from scrimmage, Pryor broke off a 93-yard touchdown run which set the NFL record for a touchdown run by a quarterback and it was also the team’s longest play from scrimmage in team history.

“No one is going to catch him,” guard Mike Brisisel told the San Francisco Chronicle. “He is a dadgum gazelle out there.”

Oh, and they won, too, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-18.

The Steelers are hardly the team that made it to the Super Bowl in 2011, but with the victory, the Raiders are now just a game under .500 (3-4) and the perennially written-off club clearly have their quarterback of the future in Pryor.

In other Raiders-related news, defensive coordinator Jason Tarver made headlines for using the finger that you're not supposed to use.

Sorry, London…

We promise, guys, usually this sport that our country watches religiously is entertaining and competitive.

Unfortunately, the Jacksonville Jaguars are neither of those things and the 49ers are still really, really good.

Now winners of five in a row, the 49ers crushed the winless Jaguars 42-10 in front of more than 80,000 fans at London’s famed Wembley Stadium.

San Francisco cruised to a quick 28-point lead midway through the second quarter and never really let up against their hapless opponents.

The key to the 49ers’ ruthless domination of a winless team? The paranoia of their coach, Jim Harbaugh.

“He’s the most paranoid coach in the Nationall Football League, I promose you that,” Donte Whitner told the Chronicle. “It doesn’t matter who we’re playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s the last play in a football game. It doesn’t matter if it’s the last play in a practice. He makes sure we’re on our p’s and q’s. And if we’re not, he lets us know.”

Let Timmy sm...err, sign.

San Francisco’s favorite “freak” Tim Lincecum has hardly been his dominant self over the past two seasons.

In spite of his struggles, Giants fans will always embrace Lincecum for his quirky personality and unorthodox delivery.And in spite of said struggles, the Giants are still going to make him rich(er).

The Giants re-signed Lincecum to a two-year deal worth $35 million. Overpaid? Maybe. Whatever, it’s not like it’s our money.

Either way, he did improve last season after a disastrous 2012 and fans (and those signing his checks) will hope that he’ll find his pitching form that helped him win two Cy Youngs.

Perennially overpaid: @seanswaby

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