Be More Efficient in 2012 Thanks To 8 Local Startups

Be More Efficient in 2012 Thanks To 8 Local Startups


It may not seem all that sexy, but much of the most significant innovation in digital technology is devoted to helping us get things done more efficiently.

Here are eight local startups that are leading the way in that regard as we enter the new year:

Its mobile app, AirCover, provides a central toolkit to address a variety of security concerns on mobile devices, as well as cloud-based backup systems and an overall operating system optimization, which is meant to help you preserve your phone’s battery life, and free the device up from running too many processes in the background.

Diffbot is a "visual learning robot," that distills the entire web down to 30 basic page types, like product pages, event pages, news pages, which helps developers adapt all of that content for mobile devices.

One of our superstar startups lets you easily sync files between your computers, phones and tablets, is global in reach.

Finally, there are personal e-signatures for everyone in the form of a product called DocuSign Ink.

Offers a “remote control for your personal finances," allowing you to pay bills from mobile devices or the web.

The discovery engine that co-founder and CEO Garrett Camp calls the "forward button for the Internet."

Their first app, "Check-in," allows an iPhone user with one tap to send their location to somone on their contact list (like a parent.) 

WePay’s co-founder Bill Clerico can sum up his company with a simple phrase: “We’re not PayPal.”

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