Click Your Hiking Boots Together: Oz Farm Is NorCal's Eco-Camping Answer to Emerald City
(Courtesy of Oz Farm)

Click Your Hiking Boots Together: Oz Farm Is NorCal's Eco-Camping Answer to Emerald City


Who knew so many organically-grown apple trees shouldered the Yellow Brick Road?

Camping, more than often, can be an exploration in the mundane minutiae of survivalism. We pitch tents in order to shelter ourselves from Mother Nature's elemental fury; bonfires are lit to keep our core temperatures in a homeostatic balance. Water canteens, mulishly straddled to our waistlines, batter and bruise our hips with each pressing hike. Needless to say, such existential odysseys aren't exactly everyone's cup of Early Grey tea. That's, however, when the wonderful witches and wizards of Oz Farm come into frame to help us experience the softer, gentler edges of the great outdoors

One-hundred-thirty miles north of the Presidio in Mendocino County, Oz Farm—a 240-acre span of redwood forests, snaked through by the Garcia River—aims to enchant all those who stay within its eco-chic confines. Completely off the grid, Oz Farm is self-sustained entirely by a network of solar panels and a single Bergey wind generator. (You won't find a PG&E electrical line for miles.)

Working in tandem with one another, they not only light up each of Oz Farm's nine rentable structures, they also provide the necessary amount of water to maintain the 72-acres of organically grown crops that sprout up from the heart of the property. From Pink Pearls to White Winter Pearmains, some 14 different varieties of trellis-grown apples are cultivated here; the farm is also well known for pressing some of the best all-natural apple juice anywhere in the state.

So, who's helping maintain all this sweet natural splendor? Well, Oz Farm is far from a one-man (or woman) show.

Above all other recreational endeavors, Oz Farm is a place where aspiring agriculturists can get their hands dirty and—in a very literal and metaphorical sense—plant the fruit-bearing seeds for their future ambitions as sustainable farmers. Through apprenticeship programs, Oz Farm aims to educate and provide the intellectual capital and real-life experience necessary to create the next generation of sustainable farmers.

Regardless if you want to hone your green thumb or just want to spend a weekend under the trees, Oz Farm will take you back to your minimalistic, pre-smartphone roots. All you have to do is follow the 65 MPH Yellow Brick Road (the 101) up there to get out of Dodge for a bit.

Reserve your next foray into the Wonderful World of Oz, courtesy of Hipcamp.

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Location: 41601 Mountain View Rd. (Manchester)

Bedrooms: 9 rentable cabins, with a community house located at the front of the property; cooking supplies, hot tubs, and killer views are all included.

Bathrooms: 9-plus bathrooms; hot showers can be taken at the main community house.

Pet Friendly: There's already a gaggle of welcoming canines and somewhat aloof felines on the property, forewarning. (So, in short: yes.)

Extras: Fresh produce as far as the eye can see, friendly staff to help you navigate all the farm's hidden treasures, bonfire pits, and serene hiking trails! Also, Oz Farm may just be the perfect place to have your future wedding...just saying.

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