Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1775 Sunny Richmond 1 Bedroom


A lot of people rag on the Outer Avenues. Whatever. The fewer people who know of all the hidden badass spots out there, the better. Take this week's Craigslist Deal for example, located at 29th and Geary in the Outer Richmond. Sure, you could live in the Mission and spend the better part of your weekend in line waiting for a scoop of ice cream to take back to cramped Dolores Park, but doesn't it sound way better to step out your front door and walk to the Legion of Honor, Baker Beach, Sea Cliff, the Presidio, or, of course, glorious Gold Gate Park? Afterwards you can catch an indie film and grab a slice of impeccable pizza right by your fabulous apartment that–by the by–is way too big and well priced for anywhere in the Streets of the city. We say yes, and you should too.

The sunny unit shown here is worth checking out to see the five–count 'em, F-I-V-E–closets and charming details like French glass doors, a built-in buffet, and stained glass window. They've got an open house on Sunday, so if you're heading to Outside Lands try swinging by beforehand. And just think: If you lived in the Avenues you'd already have a parking spot and be at the show by now.

Sunny Richmond Flat

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