Eat Gazpacho Now! How, Why and Where


This blistering, sweltering Indian summer day has the city panting, looking for instant coolers. And considering tomato season is just near over, I'd say gazpacho what you gotta have. I've been dreaming about it all day as we turn to puddles in our non air-conditioned office.

Here's where to get it or how to make it. Your choice.

Eat it:

At Coco500, they're serving up a heirloom tomato gazpacho made with toasted almonds and peppers. While over at Spruce (which I bet has air-conditioning!), they make a refined version with tomatoes, piquillo peppers, cucumbers (and lots of olive oil, they told me—the secret to the velvety consistency). Starbelly also has it on the menu, which is good to know because Starbelly has a patio too.

Buy It
One of our readers tweeted to me that she likes Bi-Rite for their gazpacho to-go, which is a great tip. You could just follow it with some Bi-Rite Creamery soft serve (of which I had last night and there wasn't even a line!) and go lounge around on the cool grass at Dolores Park afterwards.

Make It
Local cookbook author Tori Ritchie's blog, Tuesday Recipe (sign up and you get a recipe every Tuesday), has a traditional, Spanish gazpacho today. A while back, Amanda Hesser interviewed local Quince chef Michael Tusk to get his take on a 1968 gazpacho recipe for the NY Times Magazine. Should you want to get a little more experimental, try chef Jason Fox of Commonwealth's watermelon gazpacho. (If I were you, I'd put in some fresh tomatoes in place of the canned tomato juice, but that's just my gut feeling.)

Make enough to do as the Spaniards do, according to Hesser who says that they keep gazpacho in their refrigerator in a pitcher and drink it like iced tea. You could spike it with some vodka and call it a Bloody Gazpacho too.




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