Game Day: 9 Bars to Watch Football At on Sunday


San Francisco! Fire it up for football season! The action starts tonight, but Sunday's where it's at for Niner fans. They're favored to win their division this season (virtual chest bump) and are opening against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at 1:15 pm.

Couch-watchers, we respect you (kinda). But for those who need to venture out and revel in that communal adrenaline, here are some solid choices for football-watching bars. Favorite bar not in here? Tell us where you go on Any Given Sunday in the comments.

1.  Kezar Pub(900 Cole St., 415-618-7678) brought it for the World Cup, and will continue to bring it for football season. You can ostensibly eat every meal of the day there and there are flat screen TVs from all angles.

2. Obvious, yes, but Greens Sports Bar (2239 Polk St., 415-775-4287) is Russian Hill's sports-watching HQ. They don't serve food, but allow you to bring in outside grub (they even have a book of take-out menus for your perusal).

3. The Taco Shop at Underdogs (1824 Irving St., 415-566-8700,, brings the Mexican spice to the sports bar concept. They'll be serving breakfast during football season and have 10 TVs for optimal game watching. 

4. Maybe it's the cheap beer, maybe it's their famous Korean hot wings, or maybe it's their 10 TVs, but Ted’s Sports Bar & Grill in SoMa(312 Harriet St., 415-861-2811) has been getting a lot of love lately. It opens at 9:30 am on game days.

5.  In the bar food category, Pete’s Tavern (128 King St., 415-817-5040,, wins the prize. It's basically an oversized man cave with a full time wait staff of cute girls and sports bar chefs.

6. Die-hard Niner fans know that the Final Final (2990 Baker St., 415-931-7800), is where it's at on game day. Bored? Two pool tables, video golf, darts and free popcorn will make halftime pass quickly.

7. The Tendernob's Ace’s (998 Sutter St., 415-673-0644, is one of the best-kept secrets in the city. Here's why: On Sundays, they've been known to have a free BBQ for the ladies. Doors open at 6 am, which is dedication we respect.

 8. Just across from Kezar, Finnegan’s Wake (937 Cole St., 415-731-6119) has an outdoor patio and a ping pong table for commercial breaks.

9.  Consider The Brick Yard (1787 Union St., 415-400-4712, the upscale choice for your football frenzy. From the chic and tailored interiors to the gourmet dishes, it's game watching in style.

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