Holiday Horror Movie Fest @ YBCA Not For the Faint of Heart


Brilliantly billed as a film series "for holiday haters, adventurous cinephiles and degenerate thrill-seekers alike", the YBCA's Go To Hell For The Holidays: Horror In December collection of messed-up movies could almost be a cathartic experience for those of you struggling with all this Christmas cheer in the air lately.

Each weekend from now until December 18th, they'll screen frightening modern classics like this Saturday's "totally weird" Thai art/horror hybrid Meat Grinder, a double feature of super obscure, extreme gore and sex-filled horror gems Night Train to Terror and A Night to Dismember, "neither of which makes one thread of sense" (according to!), and the "subversive freak show" found in the Serbian new wave film Life and Death of a Porno Gang. Check the trailers and showtimes here.

The series is meant to explore the relationships between art and audience, and these films are sure to deliver the most intentionally disturbing imagery possible. Bring someone with an adequate shoulder to bury your face into and shield your eyes, because these movies aren't for the faint of heart.

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