Jello Shots for Mother's Day (No, These Aren't Paperweights)


La Cocina is starting to be a real go-to for delicious sweets, from Kika's Treats to Clairesquares, but the latest concoction to come out of the non-profit's incubator kitchen truly astounded me. Started by Mexican artist Rosa Rodriguez, Sweets Collection is one the newer businesses to join La Cocina's incubator kitchen.

Rodriguez made a surprise visit to 7x7 yesterday to drop off some samples of her most beautiful, edible gelatin work. It took me a few minutes of quizzing her to really believe that she makes this gorgeous floral works of art by hand, injecting a natural, organic gelatin into the mold to make each petal, each stamen, by using a syringe. She told me that she does it by placing the molded gelatin upside down. Here's a video of someone else doing it so you can get the idea.

Jello (gelatina) is sold in shops as well as on the streets of Mexico, often in little plastic cups like these. You could, I suppose, eat it straight from the bowl, but it unmolds perfectly onto a plate. I'm seeing a Mother's Day brunch course here. Tucking into one feels a bit blasphemous because it's just so pretty. (In that way, these little orbs of gelatin art remind me of Japanese desserts.)

But of course I did anyway. The taste is mildly sweet, more of an interlude than a dessert. Along with Todd, the president of our company, we actually finished off two of them, with kind of childlike wonder, watching them jiggle on our spoon. Bill Cosby has nothing on Ms. Rodriguez.


Sweets Collection is available on special order at info@sweetscollection or, 415-255-5808.  


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