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Ryan Lynch, who's done time lending guitar licks to SF mainstays Magic Bullets and Girls, formed Dominant Legs as a solo shot-in-the-dark in 2008 after getting the boot from his job. Three years later, the band has bloomed to boast four other members–including fellow vocalist/keyboardist Hannah Hunt and former Girls drummer Garett Godard on guitar–and a gloriously sunny, synthy shimmer that pops with Hunt's harmonies. Just sample "Hoop Of Love" for a taste. Dominant Legs made a splash with last year's self aware EP Young at Love and Life (they even got love from NPR) and have owned stages around the country since. Their first full-length Invitation (Lefse) comes out on September 27th.

How'd you come up with Dominant Legs?
It's how I described the legs of a Terry Malt while skinny-dipping at
Newport Beach.

What's your favorite name of any band you've ever been with?
I aspire to be in all male, country western band called The Dixie
Dudes. It's on the back-burner.

What were some names you rejected on the road to Dominant Legs?
I made it up while I was playing solo, so I wasn't able to discuss it
with the band as we are now. Band names are very strange to me because
they are completely arbitrary. I hadn't thought about it much and
Dominant Legs just stuck.

Favorite names of Bay Area bands?
Personal & The Pizzas, Huey Lewis and the News, Blatz.

What are some band names that make you wince?
Panic at the Disco, Three Doors Down, Limp Bizkit, Huckapoo.

Dominant Legs plays with Real Estate and Melted Toys tonight at the Independent. 628 Divisadero St. Doors are at 8 pm, and tickets are $15.

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