Martin + Osa Opening Party


On Thursday, May 8 chic sportswear brand Martin + Osa celebrated the opening of its first Corte Madera retail store with a fabulous soiree. The grand opening party, which took place the Village at Corte Madera, featured food and drinks courtesy of PlumpJack and a DJ that spun tunes while the partygoers shopped.

Michelle Zimmerman, Lucie Clifford

Rian McCartan, Christian Kirby

Kathleen Jansen, Farrah Rachman, Lesley Ecke

Feeve Wells, Carla Taylor

Katie Sullivan, Michelle Palasek

Chris Gorman, Chana Robinson, Orla Murphy, Katie Sullivan

Adam Ekbom, Colleen McGarry

Leslie Smith, Jenna Hunt, Lori Puccinelli Stern

Lesley Ecke, Chris Gorman

Stephanie Roeder, Erika Chapman, Hilary Callan Newsom, Julia Brown

Neysa Perez, Farrah Rachman

Greg Martin, Heidi Darling

Lori Pucinelli Stern, Kara Sanchez

Eoin Harrington, Geoff Callan

Orla Murphy, Jennifer Herrera, Tara Ayers

Stephanie Roeder, Erika Chapman

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