Napa Valley Insider: 'The Next Generation in Wine' Carries on the Family Biz

Napa Valley Insider: 'The Next Generation in Wine' Carries on the Family Biz


The Next Generation In Wine or NG was created over a casual lunch in 2006 to bring together the next generation of Napa Valley’s family wineries. Although there is a range of ages in the group, they all share the daunting but enviable responsibility of taking over the family biz. I had the pleasure of joining the NG for their holiday party and although they definitely still do what the club was originally created to do, “socialize and have fun” (aka party), they’ve moved beyond the buzz. 

The NG, originally 6 and now 20, has a non-profit status, an elected board and a unified focus with collaborative marketing and education programs. They also just launched a comprehensive website and are planning their 4th Annual Wine Tasting at Long Meadow Ranch Winery and Farmstead on February 24th.

Incoming NG president, Lisa Broman of Broman Cellars, would like you to know that they are “selling a limited number of tickets for this trade event and would love to see you at the party, where you’ll get a chance to taste premier and exclusive wines from family wineries that make as few as 10 cases each year."

The NG will be making things happen in the valley for years to come so I suggest you take Lisa up on her offer while they are still on the way up. This event takes place during Premier Weekend, which is trade-focused and very busy, so book hotels, tastings and restaurants early. Tickets are available now at the NG website.

A bit about Ian:

I’m new enough to the wine business to be surprised and intrigued every day. Yet in my five years living in Saint Helena, I've been fortunate enough to see the industry through the eyes of the executives, tasting room workers and farmers who get wine into your glass. With this blog, I will try to be your Napa Valley insider, bringing you the hottest, most tempting and latest tantalizing goings-on in the wine country from the ground level.

Rather than bombard you with reviews or detailed tastings notes, I will introduce you to wines and the people who make them. I'll try to open your eyes to hidden treasures, surprising pairings, wild people, parties and events, new brands and blends, and take you behind the scenes on a trip through the wine country. I'll even include details of special offers.

My friends are in the wine business, my neighbors are in the wine business; I’m surrounded on all sides by the wine business. I'm here to be your Napa Valley Insider.

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