Pacific Heights Place Opening


Pacific Heights Place (1525 Union Street) celebrated its grand opening with cocktails and a signing by best-selling author Diane Dorrans Saeks of her new book Palm Springs Living.

Will Wick_Ben Storck Laura Sullivan_Leslie Lum Maria Quiros_Justin Fichelson
Will Wick, Ben Storck                    Laura Sullivan, Leslie Lum        Maria Quiros, Justin Fichelson

Adrian Yeager_Victoria Yeager-Sawyer Pacific Heights Place Opening Richard Anderson_Brandon Burg
Adrian Yeager, Victoria Yeager-Sawyer                                       Richard Anderson, Brandon Burg

Chris Bade_Polly McManus Craig Card_Shannon Bavaro Victoria YeagerSawyer_Shaila Freyer
Chris Bade, Polly McManus       Craig Card, Shannon Bavaro    Victoria Y.S., Shaila Freyer

Van Doorn_Woodson_Donobedian Rosie D'Argenzio_Lawanna Endonino
J. Van Doorn, Vaughn Woodson, Tod Donobedian            Rosie D'Argenzio, Lawanna Endonino

Schwartz_Noble_Bekele Jennifer Bernabei_Stephanie Dawson
Mireille Schwartz, Cameron Noble, Sophia Bekele            Jennifer Bernabei, Stephanie Dawson

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