Post:Ballet’s Seconds


Ballet has dropped the pristine white tutus and melodramatic story lines of yesteryear like a bad blind date. (Good call, ballet.) Fusing classical dance with experimental movement, contemporary companies like Post:Ballet create fresh work while adhering to the beauty of the form. 

As well-versed in hip-hop as he is in classical, local dancer and acclaimed choreographer Robert Dekkers started Post:Ballet last year. (7x7 named it best new dance company of 2010.) For their sophomore performance, the company premieres Colouring, a collaboration between Dekker’s movement, Daniel Berkman’s eclectic music, Enrique Quintero’s art, and Natalia Perez’s photography. When geometrical movement reminiscent of street dance is set on the fleet grace of ballet dancers, you can expect something compelling. 

July 15-16. Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue. Tickets are $10 at 415-392-4400. 

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