Ready or Knot Wedding Challenge: Jennifer Nichols


Club One and 7x7 magazine have teamed up for the first ever Ready or Knot Wedding Challenge. Three trainers, three winners and the fierce goal of looking hot for the big day. Let the games begin.

Bride-to-be #1: Jennifer Nichols, former gymnast

Wedding: End of Summer 2009

Trainer: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brian Hannah from Club One Embacadero Center

First things first—we began with a meet and greet to talk about Jennifer's goals, exercise history, diet and nutrition, followed by some baseline testing to determine a good fitness routine starting point. As with most things today, we added in some snazzy new technology to help guide our direction. Club One's analysis software, Visual Fitness Planner (VFP) and Microfit system, measured height, weight, blood pressure, body fat, strength and body circumference. This information, coupled with Jennifer's goals of increasing lean muscle mass, decreasing body fat percentage, and targeting glutes, triceps and the lower abdominals, helped us develop a plan to achieve these results.

The answer? A total body training program consisting of 3 sets of 15 reps for each body part, which helps increase lean muscle mass and "toning" that will, over time, increase metabolism to burn more calories and reduce body fat. We used traditional strength training moves like the bent-over row, super-set with higher intensity moves using a medicine ball (this burns more calories per unit of time). We also challenged multiple muscle groups at the same time with compound moves to improve efficiency of the program and challenge total body coordination, balance and core strength.

Now that's one intense workout, but Jennifer aced it. She's well on her way to getting the bod she wants for wedding day.


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