Robin Williams and W. Kamau Bell at Glide’s Annual Holiday Festival


If you want to support San Francisco's disenfranchised in this season o’ charitable giving, but need more compelling incentive than a dude with a red bucket and bell - incentive like, say, Robin Williams and fried chicken - mark Thursday for Glide’s annual fundraiser. You'll get world-class comedy and the smug satisfaction of supporting Glide's grand tradition of helping Tenderloin residents find their feet and their spirit. 

Always energetic and inspiring, this year’s Bringing Down The House is dedicated to funny people, including Robin Williams (no introduction necessary), local TV and radio host (also prankster and rabble-rouser) Johnny Steele, and burlesque firecracker Selene Luna. Also on the docket is W. Kamau Bell, a masterful local comedian known for telling the first Obama joke ever. He would also like it noted that SF Weekly once called him handsome and Margaret Cho called him tall. (She also says, “He’s got the most astute, hilarious, and completely righteous material going. He’s going to be a legend in his own lifetime.”)  

Ticket money funnels straight into Mo’s Kitchen, a Glide program that dishes up nearly one million meals a year for San Francisco’s poorest residents. Don’t worry, you'll get fed too. After the show, feel free to hover vulture-like over the buffet tables loaded with tasty grub/epicurean delights from local restaurants - including, we presume, fried chicken.

December 2. Warfield Theatre, 982 Market Street. Tickets are $65-500 at


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