Secret Recipe: Bon Marché's Delectable Beignets

Secret Recipe: Bon Marché's Delectable Beignets


What's the best way to top off a midday meal at Mid-Market's newest Parisian market, Bon Marché? Well, assuming you've already tried their amazing Champagne rimmed with popcorn kernels(!), then the only thing left to do is devour a cone of pastry chef Rikki Garcia's tangy lemon verbena beignets filled with a soft créme anglaise. Believe us, it's the best treat you could ever award yourself with during a work day. 

Want to try it at home instead? We have the sugary inside scoop on how to imitate these tasty treats in the comfort of your home. Throw on an apron and get baking! 

Bon Marché Beignets

1000 grams AP flour

20 grams yeast (dry)

25 grams salt

125 grams sugar

10 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

140 grams milk (warmed to 100° F)

530 grams butter (soft, cut into small cubes)

1. Place the yeast in the bottom of a kitchen aid bowl, whisk in warmed milk.  Make sure to whisk until the yeast has dissolved

2. Whisk the salt and flour together. Set aside

3. Whisk eggs and vanilla together. Set aside

4. Add the dry ingredients to the yeast/milk mixture and begin to mix on low.

5. In the bowl of a kitchen aid, with hook attachment, mix wet ingredients into the dried.

6. Slowly add in the butter cubes 1 by 1.

7. Mix until smooth and all the butter is incorporated. Mix on speed 2.

8. Rest in fridge overnight in a sprayed container. Be sure to spray the top of the dough too.

9. Next day, roll out to ½-inch thickness, on a well-floured surface. Punch out circles, about 1¼-inch diameter, and lay on well-floured and lined cookie sheet. Spray tops with non-stick spray and cover lightly with plastic wrap. Store in fridge until ready to fry.

10. Fry at 350° F (in vegetable oil)

11. Sprinkle with sugar after frying. Can be served with favorite jam, jelly, chocolate sauce or ice cream. 

12. Enjoy! 

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