Morning in San Francisco's Hayes Valley: On Wednesday, September 9th, the Bay Area awoke to alarmingly orange skies due to wildfire smoke trapped in the atmosphere above the marine layer. (Stephen Albair)

Slideshow: Shockingly orange skies blanket the Bay Area as wildfires blaze on


Even for 2020, this isn't normal.

On Wednesday morning, the Bay Area awoke to a fresh new hell: literally skies the color of hellfire, which seemed to be "snowing" a light dusting of ash, from San Francisco to Marin to the Oakland Hills.

According to National Weather Service forecaster Roger Gass, wildfire smoke wafting down from Mendocino County has traveled more than 100 miles to the Bay Area, leaving a mass of polluted air to hover in the atmosphere high above the marine layer, SFGate reports, effectively tinting our skies the shades of an apocalyptic sunset and blacking out landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge.

Instagramers from around the Bay are capturing the moment in images that run the gamut from "eerie calm" to absolutely terrifying, and yet even under the guise of doom, the beauty of San Francisco and her surrounds still manages to somehow shine, albeit in a very creepy way.

Check out the scene in the images below, and tag your 'grams #7x7bayarea or @7x7bayarea so we can share them on our IG stories. Stay safe out there!

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