Stuff We Like: Somerset, The Strawberry Lodge, Banana Cream Pie from Mission Pie, The Bad Plus...


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1. Banana Cream Pie from Mission Pie
I've long heard the banana cream pie is Mission Pie's calling card, so in an effort to keep warm lately, I've been indulging in a couple of shared slices with my boyfriend after dinner. Except it's so good, that I'm also fantasizing about eating it for breakfast and lunch too, because really, when are bananas not the most perfect food around? The pie itself is cool and creamy, with just enough fresh banana fruit to make it taste like my loving mother made it. It hits the spot every time. —Laura Mason

2. The Bad Plus
I saw alternative jazz trio The Bad Plus for the first time this weekend for their only Bay Area appearance promoting their latest album Never Stop. They perform an unusual blend of jazz, integrating some classical piano and rock star drum work by David King—this guy does stuff with drums I never knew was possible. I liked them so much that I bought the cd and have been listening on repeat ever since. —Allison McCarthy

3. The Strawberry Lodge
I'm a sucker for a great lodge in the snow. The historic Strawberry Lodge, located on Highway 50 ten minutes away from Sierra-at-Tahoe, fires on all cylinders. Huge, blazing fireplace? Check. Games? Double check for the massive chess board and the pool table in the bar. Awesome, cozy drinks and nurse-your-snowboarding-wounds food? Yes and yes (The Hot Scotch and the burgers are both top notch). Also, there's a bear. As in a taxidermied Kodiak in the lobby. The Strawberry Lodge is great stop for food/drinks on your way in and out of South Lake and also for an overnight. Strawberry Lodge—Jennifer Pollock

4. Somerset Restaurant
I thought I was all brunched out, but a really special dish at Somerset Restaurant in Rockridge has restored my faith in the big Sunday breakfast. It’s their baked eggs with Black Forest ham, spinach, fontina, and sourdough bread, cooked to golden, oozing perfection in a casserole dish. They serve it up with roasted potatoes and their own housemade ketchup-Tapatio concoction. It’s a great way to nurse a Saturday hangover, and fuel up for a movie and some holiday shopping along College Avenue. —Robin Rinaldi

5. Cocktail Napkins and Bourbon from Cask
My one-two gift combo: linen cocktail napkins from Period George, and a bottle of interesting bourbon from Cask. Who wouldn't want to receive that? —Jessica Battilana

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