Symphonix's Beyond the Ball Pre-Party


On Wednesday, April 23 guests joined the Symphonix League in celebration of the Beyond the Ball Bash at the Bently Reserve as part of the SF Symphony's Black and White Ball festivities.

Bradley Jox, Katie Burton

Molly Parsley, Amy Lanigan, Kendra Thayer

 Reginald Cooper, Charles Richard

Christina Cruz, Cassidy Wollenburg

Jami Witek, Angela Petrella

Kelly Grimes, Roberta Economidis

Sherry Cijani, Katrina Austria

Saria Nadeem, Robert Bradford

Heather Stewart, Michael Downing

Kristen O'Donnell, Amber Marie Bently

Melissa Gherman, Patrick McKenna

 Kelly Grimes, Alex Turner, Michelle Curtis

Sarah Zeiger, Amy Walker

Nicole Aflague, Emily Dumitrescu

Russell Keil, Myka Lawrenson

Christiane Pelz, Leslie Gay

Catherine Hopkins, Melissa Shapiro

Andrea Albrecht, Roberta Economidis

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