#TBT: 10 San Francisco Streets Named After Women in History


San Francisco is full of landmarks named for male miners, politicians, and Gold Rush–era tycoons, but what about the notable women of San Francisco history? For this week's throwback, take a walk down city streets named after local ladies, and learn some of the stories behind them.

Arballo Drive

via Open Library

Arballo Drive, located in Parkmerced, was named after María Feliciana Arballo, "the very bold widow" of the second De Anza Expedition of 1776. In fact, all of Parkmerced was named after the Spanish who were part of that trip from Mexico to present-day San Francisco. Arballo decided to go with the group (along with her two daughters) after her husband died, despite the objections of Father Pedro Font. She was feisty, independent, and did what she wanted. This included marrying Juan Jose Gutierrez, who was considered below her caste level.

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