The CUESA Wild Beast Hunt Continues!


If I were you, I'd get to spotting some beasts. Spot one (well, a stencil of one) and tweet us @7x7bitsbites and you will win two tickets to CUESA's Sunday Supper (a $400 value), plus a spot in one of Ryan Farr's upcoming butchery classes (value: priceless). Second and third prize, chosen at random from all the spotters, is two tickets to the reception that precedes the dinner.

Not only does the annual event support CUESA's outstanding program, it's also a who's-who of the city's best culinary talent. Last week I told you about chefs Taylor Boetticher and Ryan Farr, who will each be preparing a portion of the feast. This week, I want to further whet your appetite.

Delfina's Craig Stoll will be there, fresh from a recent trip to Rome, preparing a mixed grill of Doc Watson's lamb. Watson has raised lamb in Napa Valley since 1987, and since the early 90s he's also rented out herds of his East Friesian sheep as "Wooly Weeders," an environmentally sensitive mowing service for vineyards and open fields.

Peter Mcnee of Poggio will also be contributing his talent to the feast, and like Craig, his dish will be Italian. Mcnee is making a classic Bollito Misto, a boiled dinner filled with tasty delights, including housemade cotechino sausage, beef brisket, beef tongue, veal breast, pork jowl and beef oxtail. Meat lovers supreme!

If you want in on the action (for free!) here's what to do: spot one of the beast stencils chalked on sidewalks all over town, tweet us @7x7bitsbites with the location of your sighting and you'll be entered to win!


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