The Inbox: The Splinters + Wallpaper + Lovemakers


Each week our good friends over at The Owl Mag share all the goodies they get in their inbox (think free MP3s, new videos and the general low-down on Bay Area artists) in an effort to spread the local music gospel.  Now you're about to get it here with our new weekly feature, The Inbox. Here's what we've got this week:

the Splinters:

An all-girl quartet power-chording thru vintage garage-pop-punk reminiscent of the Misfits sans the dark vibe. Yes, please. Checkout this U.C. Berkeley bands' new 7-inch Splintered Bridges (via Double Negative). And, enjoy this track for FREE: "Splintered Bridges"


Eric Frederic of Wallpaper has quickly become the go to beat-maker for remixes. The SF club staple's hit mashup of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" and "Death of Autotune" has led to mentions in RCRDLBL and MTV News. Now a new remix of Music For Animals' (another SF band) "Nervous in New York" has us excited for his new album DooDoo Face (dropping Sept. 11th)

the Lovemakers:

When Lisa Light, vocalist of Oakland's the Lovemakers declares "I make my money by shaking my ass" on the newly dropped single "See What I Wanna See," we're ready to pay up. The dance-rockers held an open rehearsal at Talking House Studios and the cameras were rolling. Checkout the video below. Let's Be Friends drops in September.

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