The Morning Benders Play On At Rickshaw Stop Despite Blood


Wrapping up a year of whirlwind performing December 6, Berkeley darlings The Morning Benders took a break from recording to perform at the Rickshaw Stop.

Miniature Tigers and the The Soft Pack, formerly The Muslims, joined The Morning Benders, led by baby-faced frontman and all around dance-inciter Chris Chu.

Along with classic Benders tunes like “Waiting For a War” and “Damnit Anna,” the band gave the audience a sneak peak of what they've been focused on in studio, music that seems to be a natural and innovative progression from their debut album, Talking Through Tin Cans. The boys' lively cover of The Jungle Book's “I Wan'na Be Like You” — never performed in concert before — could have kicked the Jonas Brothers cover's ass.

Highlight: Guitarist Joe Ferrell cut his hand on his guitar but continued on despite his guitar being stained with blood.  It was intense. 

Also spotted in the sea of 17-year-olds were Corey Cunningham and Phil Benson of San Francisco's Magic Bullets.



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