The Three-Minute San Francisco Parking Trivia Game


Well, it’s the Friday before a holiday weekend, the weather is getting nice and warm, and you are reading instead of getting those spreadsheets finished. So, in the spirit of beautiful weather, less work, and more fun and relaxation, it’s time to play a quick round of San Francisco’s favorite parking statistic game…Which is More?
Which is More?
a) The number of people living in San Francisco last year
b) The number of parking tickets handed out last year
a) Last fiscal year’s San Francisco Parking Meter Revenue
b) Last fiscal year’s San Francisco Parking Ticket Revenue
a) The number of miles driven last year in San Francisco looking for parking
b) The population of the United States
a) Total number of registered vehicles in SF
b) Total Publicly-Available Parking Supply in SF (On- and off-street)
a) Number of tickets issued last year for parking in front of a Fire Hydrant
b) Number of tickets issued last year for parking on the sidewalk
a) Number of Street Name Signs (not number of named streets, but total number of signs with a street name on them)
b) Number of Parking Restriction Signs
a) Square miles of paved land in San Francisco
b) Square miles of unpaved land in San Francisco

How did you do? Click here to see what you got right or wrong!

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