Three for the Road: The Ultimate Stop for Tahoe-Bound Foodies


Though I’m not knocking a good double cheeseburger, if you’re headed up to Tahoe for a snowy three-day getaway, there’s better eating to be done along the way than at the In-n-Out in Auburn. In fact, if you stop in Sacramento—which is just about halfway there—you have some great options just five minutes off the freeway in the historical neighborhood of Land Park.

Here, are very trustworthy options, all within walking distance of each other.

This Slow Food Snail-approved pizzeria complete with communal tables made of reclaimed wood uses ingredients from both the family’s garden and local farmers, all doused with olive oil from Frate Sole out of Woodland. Owned by Robert Masullo, the chef makes charred wood-fired pizzas that will make any SF pizza snob feel right at home. Try the Gilda, the Lotte and the Mustapha. (The Portuguese clam chowder here is also popular and the perfect cold weather pick-me-up.) Closed Sundays. 2711 Riverside Blvd., 916-442-8929

Vic's Ice Cream
Just a few blocks away, dessert awaits. (If you’ve got kids, ice cream is in year-round demand, no matter how cold it is.) Started 1947, this Sacramento favorite has 29 flavors. Grab an ice cream sandwich to go. 3199 Riverside Blvd., 415-448-0892

Temple Coffee
Coffee for the road. Annually voted the best in Sacramento, this should satiate the Third Wavers. French press, rare beans. You know the ropes. 2829 S St., 916-454-1272

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