TuneUp Media's Rockin' New Office Space


With over six million users, Bay Area upstart Tune-up Media is the rockin’ renovators of the digital sphere - tidying up and spiffing out our befuddled music libraries with their #1 iTunes plug-in. (Read: mislabeled songs, missing cover art, and duplicate tracks made spic-and-span in a jiffy). But lately, Tune-up founder Gabe Adiv has taken his creative fixer-upper skills to the brick-and-mortar space. Working with designer Marc Hinshaw, the duo tapped the company's playful underpinnings to create the ultimate rock-n-roll hipster workspace. The new 8,700-square-foot Potrero Hill warehouse-turned-office has been reincarnated as a 70s-inspired Golden Gate Park musicfest – complete with faux grass, a gutted VW Bus-cum-conference room, and fully-functional rock stage.


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