What to Gift: Your Design-Loving Skater Boyfriend


SF can be a skateboarder's dream: plenty of hills for speed, no snow, and a park closed to traffic on Sundays. It would appear they've got it all, so what do you get a skater guy for a gift? No doubt gear is out of the question (too particular) and he's surprisingly specific about clothes, as well. The milk crate furniture leaves something to be desired though, especially with his fondness for mid-century modern design. Your not about to spring for a real Wassily Chair (after all, he hasn't been that good) but Skate Study House might have come up with the next best thing. A play on LA's famous Case Study House, this So Cal venture takes some of the more brilliant designs from the original project and reimagines them using the decks, wheels and other components that make up a skateboard. Right now several items from their line, including the Astro Clock (reminiscent of George Nelson) and Hang Up (an ode to the classic Eames Hang-It-All) are on sale for a cool $200, or more than 50% off the original price. You'll love them for their irreverence and wit - much like your guy himself.

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