Winchester Mystery House to Unlock 13 New Doors This Fall


The Winchester Mystery House, one of America's most legendary haunted mansions, is expanding its Hallowe'en Candlelight Tour.

Growing to 26 nights, the show has been completely revamped with an all new story, a longer tour route, and the biggest scares yet.

Over the last two years, this tour has become a new tradition of experiencing a thrilling, theatrical telling of the paranormal side of Sarah Winchester's story. Due to popular demand, three additional weekends, with a new storyline and more frights and surprises, have been added in September.

This experience draws from the success of the previous two years by exploring a popular theme found throughout the Winchester Mystery House: the number 13.

This new story was inspired by Sarah's penchant for the number 13 and also her obsession with purchasing unique building materials during the home's 30-plus years of construction. The premise is that 13 mystical doors were purchased by Sarah, all of which contain a power of their own. If everything aligns right in the night, these doors will open to reveal something rather otherworldly.

This year's tour will have the longest route to date, and promises bigger, more intense scares than in years prior. For the first time in Candlelight Tour history, guests will wind their way through the mansion's most popular rooms, exit the mansion to experience all-new effects and scares, only to return back inside through a secret entrance to reveal more doors and scares yet to be unlocked.

Additionally, Hallowe'en Candlelight Tour guests will get the chance to have their fortune told by a crystal ball in the famous Venetian Dining Room, and as guests wait for their tours, they can enter for a chance to find out if the spirits of the house deem them worthy of entering the shadowed halls of Sarah's home.

// The Hallowe'en Candlelight Tour begins on Friday, September 14, 2018, with doors opening on 26 select nights up to Halloween night (October 31). For more information and to purchase tickets, visit