'You Are What You Eat:' The Ultimate Fridge Snoop Project


Admit it, it's pretty interesting to look inside people's refrigerators. The contents reveal so much about the owner. Rotting food? They're messy, lazy or just gross. Lots of take out boxes? They're not into cooking, have money to spend and are probably busy.

You are What You Eat, which showcases this Wednesday as part of the Por(trait) Revealed Opening Reception, is the ultimate fridge snoop project. The show explores food issues throughout the country with a series of photographs of the innards of people's refrigerators. The refrigerator is both a very private and very public space and at one point, a subject likened the question "Can I photograph your fridge?" to being asked to pose naked. Get your fridge voyeurism on this Wednesday from 6-8 at the RayKo Photo Gallery.



Photograph by Mark Menjivar

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