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About 7x7

The San Francisco Bay Area is the new American center of creativity and innovation. We are 7x7, SF's leading editorial voice since 2001. It is our mission to celebrate the region's trailblazing spirit and to maximize every moment in this magnificent place. 

We curate content around the city's favorite pastimes—food, drink, arts, fitness, travel, style, tech, and more. We support local philanthropic endeavors, and shine a light on our region's vast pool of globally recognized tastemakers and influencers. 72-percent of readers indicate that is their primary source for SF lifestyle information. 

Here, we engage with the world's savviest urban denizens to share the ingredients for an inspired Bay Area life. Because here at the nexus of ingenuity and progress—with unbeatable views and world-class everything—life is grand to say the least.

Editor in Chief + CEO: Chloé Hennen

Managing Editor: Sarah Medina

Editors at Large: Schuyler BaileyDavid Lytle

Publisher:  Natalie Wages 

Associate Publisher: Jason Oronzi    

Wine Country Director: Cathi S. Wastal, 707-815-4070


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