The classic story of country meets the big city has brought forth Jones Street Station, a group of five very individually talented musicians whose live show at Slim's last night was one of the most impressive acts we’ve seen in a very long time.

The Brooklyn-formed band have landed their brand of funky country twang opening for big name singer/songwriter, Ben Kweller. Their sound ranges from soulful ballads and lively knee-slapping mandolin and accordion tunes to four-part harmonies. With no distinct lead singer (every single person, including the drummer, has a voice to die for) and instruments ranging from banjo to a fly fishing belt full of different harmonicas, these boys keep the energy high and they bleed musical passion from start to finish. Their newest album, In Verses, is a gear-shifting eargasm right from the beginning. With the momentum and exposure they’ve got on this tour, they’re definitely someone to watch out for.  Be ahead of the curve and listen to them here. Trust us, you won’t regret it.