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Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Wanda Jackson

Nicasio is worth visiting for it's almost unbelieveable bucolic charm that few towns still possess (Nicasio actually means "the hidden one"). However, it's current draw, Rancho Nicasio, also has quite the weekend of music lined up.

Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Omar Sosa Afri-Lectric Sextet

Astronomy Talk

Mt. Tam is a majestic place during the day, but it's equally marvelous at night away from the city lights. Instead of holing up in a dark movie theater watching Gravity (overrated, I must say, even in 3D), experience space for real with an evening astronomy talk at the super cool and crumbling Mountain Theater.

Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

marin headlands

Escape Karl the Fog and chilly temps this weekend with a quick drive over the Golden Gate Bridge or a brisk ferry ride.

Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Need something to do this weekend while everyone else is drinking $9 tall cans at Treasure Island Music Festival? You too, can get out of the city. Just take a brisk drive over the Golden Gate or a ferry ride to see what's happening in Marin.

A Day at Marin Country Mart

Marin Country Mart

Take a detour to this suburban oasis of style.

Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

sea trek

It's difficult to choose either culture or outdoors in Marin this weekend with all that's going on. Why not choose both?

Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Take advantage of Marin County's seemingly eternal sunlight and spend some time exploring the best happenings across the bridge this weekend.

Super Duper Burger Infused With Fresh, Retro-Inspired Design in Mill Valley

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San Francisco locals and tourists alike flock to Super Duper Burger for its fast food-style burgers, fries, and shakes made with fresh, organic ingredients. An outdated Jack in the Box from the 1970s got an updated (yet still retro-inspired) renovation and became the newest Super Duper addition, expanding the burger chain to Marin County.

Three Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

California Coastal Cleanup

Go alone or grab some friends and head to one of the 35+ sites along the coast where you can lend a hand at picking up the trash that gets deposited along our gorgeous seashore.

12 Movies To Watch at the 36th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival

As usual, the lineup for this year's Mill Valley Film Festival is a cinematic feast for Bay Area cinephiles that lasts from October 3 to the 13th. From festival favorites to local up-and-coming filmmakers, the festival has a lot to choose from and if you can watch all films, then you probably manage your time better than me. If you aren't able to binge on all the movies, then here are 12 must-sees.

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