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Seek Thermal Camera Gives Heat Vision to Smartphones

New smartphone attachment Seek Thermal places the superpower of thermal imaging in the palm of your hand. A pocket sized-device that plugs into your phone, the camera bequeaths the user with the powers of heat vision—which, as it turns out, is as practical as it is cool.

Doctor On Demand Offers Therapy Online

Did you ever see Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow? You really should if you haven't—improvised 15 minute online episodes, all over web chat, with Kudrow playing a self-absorbed, ethically-challenged, not-so-licensed psychotherapist. The series was, in a word, brilliant. (Watch them all here; the ones with Julia Louis-Dryfus are excellent.) Well, that ostensibly zany premise, minus the questionable therapy, is now a reality.

New GIF-Only Keyboard Expresses Your True Emotions

Credit Riffsy with bringing everyone's favorite communication method right to your fingertips. The GIF keyboard—lauded as the new and much-improved emoji—allows you to text, tweet, email, and Facebook message millions of short videos straight from any device. Organized by hashtags, your recipient will never have to guess at your true feelings again. 

4 Bay Area Female Entrepreneurs to Watch

The Bay Area is shaping a new generation of audacious, self confident, forward-thinking, and business-wise women entrepreneurs that are providing the Golden State with disruptive ideas. We found four that are turning the tech industry on its head in various e-sectors, including journalism, charity, health, and commerce—industries that are growing fast in Silicon Valley. Here are the ones truly shaking things up.

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Techies

The newest gadgets and gizmos for the early adopter. 

Holiday Gift Love: The Pax

Pax by Ploom

We're just going to say it—San Francisco is a town of gadgets. From a sea of smartphones and white headphones on MUNI to hand-crank artisanal coffee grinders popping up in apartments around the area, this city loves its hand-held devices that simply make life a bit better.

Curbside Apps Offer Reprieve From In-Store Chaos

Shopping in stores is done. That you still shop for gifts and assorted goods in person truly makes us concerned for you, you poor lamb. And with that, here are a few choice apps that will have your items waiting for you curbside, the moment you walk in the door, or right on your porch. Perfect the holiday shopping. 

New Tablet Case Translates Sign Language Into Text

In an attempt to bridge the communication gap between the deaf community and hearing peopleMotionSavvy, an Alameda-based startup, has developed a case for tablet computers that can serve as a virtual interpreter for the deaf.

The World's First Hoverboard Is (Almost) Here

Time to throw out your archaic scooter. Los Gatos-based Hendo is introducing the world's first real hoverboard!

The Bay Area's Hottest New Innovations

The "Internet of Things" is industry-speak for the online connectivity between people and everyday objects. In the name of better living through technology, we demystify the enigma through the latest innovations designed in the Bay Area. 

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