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4 Female Coders You Need To Know

They code, they manage teams of engineers, they are some of the most talented women in the Bay Area. What's more, they conquer in the male-saturated tech industry. Here's what four of them have to say:

Student Developing Simple, Affordable Tattoo Removal Cream

Remember that Saturday Night Live skit, "Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Removal Cream," where Amy Poehler slathers on a few ounces of sleazy Dr. Turlington's concoction, and watches her tattoo burn away as she screams in agony? Well, if you're a new mom who regrets getting that tattoo in Cabo of Spring Break '99, then you may be in luck, sans the pain.

7x7 Says Goodbye To All That Ink & Paper

As many of you already know, this week we announced that 7x7 is shedding its old print clothes to move with the times as an all-digital San Francisco magazine. For 13 years, we have poured heart and sweat into the pages of a regional book filled with all the cool news, stylish happenings, and brilliant people in the SF Bay Area. Our magazine has evolved and improved, and we believe that each new issue has been our best. But the challenges facing the print industry have only continued to grow, and we’ve struggled alongside the best of them trying to make it work. At long last, we’ve decided to cease swimming against the current and move with it instead.

Cicret Bracelet Will Turn Your Arm Into a Touchscreen

There was disbelief. There was debate. But now, there's a prototype. Forget the days of touting around phones with giant screens; now, all you need is your skin. With Cicret’s Bracelet (pronounced “secret"), your forearm is transformed into a touchscreen where you can read email, answer calls, and play games. 

6 Local Jewelry Startups to Watch in 2015

Bay Area jewelry designers are launching new ways to make your bling dreams come true. Here are just a few of our favorites:

The 10 Coolest New Tech Products at CES

The largest tech event of the year with almost 160,000 attendees and over 3,600 exhibitors, the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) offered a wide array of new tech for 2015. Here are some of the cooler things we saw:

Fashion Startups to Watch in 2015

Sartorially-gifted men and women are similar when it comes to fashion: we all want to look nice, save some money, and at the same time wear the latest designer gems. Fortunately, a handful of Bay Area entrepreneurs have developed new approaches that combine traditional methods with innovation. Here are the fash-tech startups to watch in 2015.

Bay Area Incubators Focus On Diversity In Tech

Tech has a diversity problem. Luckily, these six Bay Area accelerators and incubators were created to help bolster minority representation in local workplaces. 

New Startup Wants Bike Owners to Rent Out Their Wheels

With a growing reputation as the "Airbnb for bikes," new startup Spinlister provides cyclists with a platform to lease out their rides to prospective renters, while saving money, meeting awesome people, and consuming less along the way.

Apps to Improve Your Health in 2015

Want to actually keep your New Year's resolution to get fit in 2015? These five health apps are here to help. 

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