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Northern California Clinics Now Serving Ketamine (aka Special K) to Treat Severe Depression

A staple in emergency rooms and veterinary hospitals, the mind-altering drug called ketamine is now being hailed as a revolutionary treatment for those battling severe depression. 

The Cognoscente: Behind the Simple Aesthetic of Designer Patrik Petersson

Born and raised in northern Europe, designer Patrik Petersson has a minimalistic aesthetic, a respect for the environment, and a hunger for innovation that we can all rally behind.

This Hi-Res Panorama Is the Most Insane Pic of San Francisco Ever, Trust Us

San Franciscans never tire of looking at pretty pictures of San Francisco—we're pretty vain that way (and our Instagram feed is proof). But now, there is a panoramic snap of the city that's being touted as one of the highest resolution images ever created. It may be the one crazy-amazing thing to come out of Super Bowl week. Seriously, you have to see this.

Art Deco Landmark 140 New Montgomery Poised to Fetch $300 Million

Well before it became known locally for housing Trou Normand, Mourad, and Yelp, 140 New Montgomery, one of San Francisco's first high rises, was prized for its Art Deco stylings. Today, it's on the market and is expected to bring beaucoup dollars (to absolutely no one's surprise).

Bay Lights Artist Leo Villareal Holds Solo Show at Fused Space

You know Leo Villareal if you are one of the estimated 50 million people who have witnessed – and fallen in love with – the nightly light show that graced the Bay Bridge for the last two years. The renowned artist is back in the Bay Area this week to reinstall the 25,000-LED light sculpture, which he describes as a “life-altering experience,” and to stage Spacetime, an exhibit of new domestic-scale light sculptures.

5 More Local Photographers Who Got Their Big Breaks on Instagram

Becoming a successful Instagrammer is the ultimate dream. Meet five Bay Area photographers who have quite their day jobs, traveled the world, and grown their careers through Instagram.

Satirical News Source Oakland Unseen Is "The Onion" of the Bay Area

“Oakland Teen Can’t Stop Quoting Drake.” “Instagram Adds Legendary Protester Frank Chu to Your Photos.” “Oakland-Themed Hotel to Open in Las Vegas.” If these headlines feel lifted from a Bay Area version of The Onion, you’re not far off. Oakland native Matt Werner has been mixing humor and biting social commentary for Oakland Unseen—his online newspaper-cum-Youtube series—since 2012, hoping to deliver important stories from Oakland in a way that will get millennials to listen. 

8 Ride-Sharing Apps That Are Cheaper/Nicer/Eco-Friendlier Than Uber

Getting to work. For many in the city, it's still the same old hassle it’s always been. If you don’t have a plush tech bus at your disposal, perhaps it’s time to check out some of the new ride-sharing startups that are paving the way for a better commute.

The Cognoscente: Andrew Block Brings Smart Watches to a Traditional Fine Jewelry Purveyor in Silicon Valley

Timepieces have always played a big part in the classic American dream: Once given by employers to recognize decades of work well done, and later purchased or gifted as timeless symbols of status and success. Today in Silicon Valley, the old wristwatch has been disrupted like everything else, with smart watches doing everything from tweeting to taking selfies. So what does it mean for luxury watch purveyors of the elite old guard? For Menlo Park industry vet Andrew Block, evolution is everything.

San Francisco's Most Delicious Instagram Accounts

Instagram is more than just a photosharing app—it gives people a glimpse into the lives and worlds of each of its individual users. Put the app in the hands of restaurants and chefs, and you can expect a very delicious, mouth-watering glimpse. Here are our favorite Instagram accounts from local chefs and restaurants in San Francisco.

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