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2014 Hot 20: Tony Fadell, the Gadgeteer

CEO and founder of Nest Labs / age 45

Startups, Tech, and Top Execs at NewCo Silicon Valley

NewCo Silicon Valley

Tesla, Google, eBay, and LinkedIn—for most of us, the closest we'll ever get to these companies is by typing in their URL. But in a few short weeks, these heavy hitters will literally open their doors to the public for info sessions and meet-and-greets with top execs during NewCo Silicon Valley.

2014 Hot 20: Elizabeth Holmes, the Expediter

CEO and Founder, Theranos / age 30

2014 Hot 20: Debbie Sterling, the Barbie Challenger

CEO of GoldieBlox / age 31

2014 Hot 20: Divya Nag, the Prodigy

Founder of StartX Med and Stem Cell Theranostics / age 23

2014 Hot 20: Elon Musk, the Visionary

CEO of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla Motors, Cofounder of PayPal / age 43

2014 Hot 20: Open Gov, the Reformers

Nate Levine, Cofounder / 23, Mike Rosengarten, CTO / 27, Zac Bookman, Cofounder and CEO / 34

2014 Hot 20: Apple's Angela Ahrendts, the Retail Genius

Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores at Apple / age 54

Editors Review the Top Wearable Fitness Trackers

Our editors strapped on the latest wearable fitness trackers to inspire daily detachment from our computers (and maybe shed a few pounds in the process).

The 8 Best White Glove Apps in San Francisco

Whether you're busy, bed ridden, or just plain lazy, it's a dream to live in a city where everything from premium Napa Valley wine to gorgeous flower boquets can be delivered to your door step same day. That's why we rounded up the best white glove apps around town. Because why would you do it yourself when there's an app for that? 

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