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Banish Food and Other Allergies With These Nifty Apps

Sneezing, sniffling, wheezing—so annoying, right? Thankfully, modern technology has brought us a few clever apps, designed to help minimize the likelihood of allergy attacks, which allow us to navigate the city and keep breathing easy. Whether you have respiratory issues or food intolerances, download these apps pronto.

The Best Coffee Shops With Free WiFi in San Francisco

Despite the prolific amount of coffee shops in San Francisco, finding one with reliable Wi-Fi, strong coffee, and tasty pastries to fortify you during a work-from-home day is still a challenge. Here are the best spots (in each neighborhood) to get some work done with all the essentials—food, coffee, and a killer wireless signal.

See the Eight Women Making Waves in Tech, According to Elle

Celebrating their third annual Women in Tech issue, Elle magazine hosted a dinner for 80 Tuesday night at Mourad to honor the eight women featured in the June magazine.

Property Porn: Move Into Mega VC Peter Thiel's Marina Palace for $9 Million

So you didn't cofound Paypal. Oh well, at least you can live like Peter Thiel—that is, if you have a spare $9.25 million to buy his 10,000-square-foot Marina estate overlooking the Palace of Fine Arts.

Download These Apps Before You Make Any Summer Travel Plans

Whether you're hitting the open road, packing a swimsuit for the beach, hiking in the mountains or rediscovering your own hometown, here are eight must-download apps to make your vacation all the more pleasurable.

IBM Creates Hand Wipe That Can Kill The World's Deadliest Viruses

What if you could prevent Zika or Ebola just by washing your hands? On Wednesday, IBM and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) in Singapore announced a new chemical that can kill Ebola, Zika, dengue, AND herpes in one sanitary wipe. 

It's All Smooth for Palo Alto's Bevel Shaving Company (Yep, That's Golden State Warrior Harrison Barnes)

Tristan Walker is kind of the bomb. The founder of CODE2040, a nonprofit that paves paths to success in the tech sector for black and Latino people, is now bonding his deep love of minority communities with his experience in business to blaze new trails in the better beauty movement.

SF to LA in 30 Minutes? Hyperloop One Tests the Future of Transportation in Nevada Desert

For the past eight years, I've spent countless hours driving the 5 from Oakland to Los Angeles and back again. And for what seems as many years, I've been promised that one day the technology will exist to beam me Star Trek-style from the Bay Area to SoCal in an hour or less. Needless to say, I'm skeptical. But now, it seems like that time has finally come thanks to Hyperloop One. 

Instagram Reveals Colorful New Logo ... and People Are Already Mad

If, like pretty much everyone we know, you opened your eyes this morning and immediately checked your social media feeds, then you may have noticed a brand new colorful app on your phone. That purple-pink-and-orange mess is Instagram's new logo

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