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Curbside Apps Offer Reprieve From In-Store Chaos

Shopping in stores is done. That you still shop for gifts and assorted goods in person truly makes us concerned for you, you poor lamb. And with that, here are a few choice apps that will have your items waiting for you curbside, the moment you walk in the door, or right on your porch. Perfect the holiday shopping. 

New Tablet Case Translates Sign Language Into Text

In an attempt to bridge the communication gap between the deaf community and hearing peopleMotionSavvy, an Alameda-based startup, has developed a case for tablet computers that can serve as a virtual interpreter for the deaf.

The World's First Hoverboard Is (Almost) Here

Time to throw out your archaic scooter. Los Gatos-based Hendo is introducing the world's first real hoverboard!

The Bay Area's Hottest New Innovations

The "Internet of Things" is industry-speak for the online connectivity between people and everyday objects. In the name of better living through technology, we demystify the enigma through the latest innovations designed in the Bay Area. 

Fontus, Bike-Mounted Gadget, Condenses Humid Air into Drinking Water

Fontus, a new self-filling water bottle from industrial designer Kristof Retezar could revolutionize how you bike around the City. 

A First Look at San Francisco's Transbay District

With assurances of architectural beauty, community-encouraging measures, and easy transportation, is the planned Transbay District too good to be true?

2014 Hot 20: Tony Fadell, the Gadgeteer

CEO and founder of Nest Labs / age 45

Startups, Tech, and Top Execs at NewCo Silicon Valley

NewCo Silicon Valley

Tesla, Google, eBay, and LinkedIn—for most of us, the closest we'll ever get to these companies is by typing in their URL. But in a few short weeks, these heavy hitters will literally open their doors to the public for info sessions and meet-and-greets with top execs during NewCo Silicon Valley.

2014 Hot 20: Elizabeth Holmes, the Expediter

CEO and Founder, Theranos / age 30

2014 Hot 20: Debbie Sterling, the Barbie Challenger

CEO of GoldieBlox / age 31

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