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Meet the Founders of Comedic New Website, Silicon Valley Dictionary

Slated as the "Urban Dictionary for Silicon Valley," new comedic web source Silicon Valley Dictionary took the Bay Area by storm this week.

SF Camerawork Brings Summer Heat to Town in New Exhibit

If this summer’s cooler climate has you daydreaming about steamier settings, look no further than “Heat,” opening at the storied photography gallery SF Camerawork just a stone’s throw from Civic Center Bart.

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner Gifts $100 Million to UC Berkeley to Discover Aliens

Renowned research institute UC Berkeley—known for discovering countless elements and vitamins, the polio virus, and even inventing wetsuits—may be able to add another stellar category to their long list of achievements: finding aliens. 

5 New Start Ups that Will Change How You Think About Food

Whether you're counting calories or burdened by food allergies, these innovative new devices will forever change how you approach your next meal. 

Target Opens a High-Tech Home of the Future at SF's Metreon

You know why we love Target? They've managed to keep with the times. The old Tarjay of the 90s became a hotbed for accessible designer collaborations in the aughts. And now, the company that brought us cheap Rodarte sweaters is taking aim at San Francisco's tech space. 

8 Travel Apps You Need This Summer

Whether you're hitting the open road, packing a swimsuit for the beach, hiking in the mountains or rediscovering your own hometown, here are eight must-download apps to make your vacation all the more pleasurable.

File Under Awesome: You May Now View Smartphone Media in 3D Hologram

While it has never occured to us to want to view our iPhone in 3D, there is, apparently, a huge demand for such things. Enter Holus, a Vancouver-based company that will soon begin shipping a device to convert any media on your phone into a fully interactive 3D hologram, thanks to its still-ongoing Kickstarter campaign that's totally crushing it.

Essential Accessories for Every Smartphone Photographer

Step up your smartphone photography game with these accessories that are sure to take your Instagram feed to a whole other level.

Sweat SF: Vint Brings Personal Trainers to Your Fingertips

Need a personal trainer? There's an app for that.

Tech Geeks Get a New HQ, The Village, in Mid-Market

From Facebook to Twitter, Microsoft to Autodesk, Silicon Valley’s biggest names are vying for their moment at The Village, San Francisco's new innovation hub where high-profile events are merging technology with art. 

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