2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Gadgets


Green With Envy
If you haven’t already heard of the Olive O3HD, tune in. This stunner of a music server stores up to 1,500 CDs, tunes in more than 3,000 radio stations, plays HD music in the original quality used in the recording studio, and even comes with a free iPhone/iPad remote control app. And it couldn’t be prettier.
$999 at olive.us

Lighten Up
Apple has done it again. The new MacBook Air makes the previous generation look like a chump. Weighing in under three pounds, the laptop’s all-Flash storage frees up space for a longer-lasting battery (up to seven hours), its multi-touch trackpad works like an iPhone, and it boasts the most pixel-packed display to date. Booyah!
Starting at $999 at Apple, 1 Stockton St., 415-392-0202, apple.com

Sleep Walk
There are a lot of pedometers out there, but the Fitbit’s 3-D motion sensor also tracks sleep, that other all-important health factor. Worn on the wrist, the device will track how long it takes to fall asleep and how many times the wearer wakes up during the night. Your insomniac pal will love you for it.
$99 at fitbit.com

The Bargain
Precious Cargo
Don’t dress your fancy gadgets in no-name duds. Dodocase cradles your iPad in carved bamboo with faux-leather binding, and the front flap doubles as a stand. Choose from 12 colors (20 percent of proceeds from the pink model go to breast cancer research).
$60–$65 at dodocase.com

Bling Bling
Talk about a sparkling stocking stuffer—this Jimmy Crystal iPhone case made with Swarovski Elements will give a lucky gal something to chat about. The slim, sleek design of cut crystal dresses up all 3G and 3GS phones, transforming tech geek into glam geek. It will become her favorite accessory, guaranteed.
$280 at swarovski-crystallized.com

In Depth
If Avatar’s success is any proof, 3-D is the new way of seeing. The Sony Cyber-shot TX9 brings pictures to life, literally. The camera shoots stills in 3-D, records video in HD, and features a touch screen LCD display, all with 12.2 megapixels in a compact five-ounce package.
$400 at Best Buy, 1717 Harrison St., 415-626-9682, sonystyle.com

Sound of Music
Treat your music and podcast-obsessed friend to these state-of-the-art Bose IE2 headphones and change the way they listen. Their enhanced acoustic design helps music sound smoother and more natural, and a new, more secure fit means that these earbuds will stay put, even after a little jostling.
$100 at Bose, 845 Market St., 415-348-0382, bose.com

Couch Potato
Finally, the perfect gift for a lazy boyfriend: Logitech’s Revue. No longer does he have to move from the couch to the office to watch those YouTube videos you’ve been sending him all day. The Revue brings Google TV to your big screen via the cable or satellite you already pay for using an easy to set up companion box and an intuitive companion keyboard controller.
$300 at Best Buy, 1717 Harrison St., 415-626-9682, logitech.com

Anti iPhone
For the smartphone devotee who has resisted the urge of the iPhone, present T-Mobile’s HTC HD7. This powerhouse boasts the brand new Windows Phone 7 operating system, which weaves all aspects of your tech friend’s life—work, family, entertainment—seamlessly together on one big 4.3-inch screen. From Facebook and Xbox Live to Microsoft Office and Outlook, this toy offers it all.
$200 at T-Mobile, 50 Powell St., 415-391-4623, htc.t-mobile.com

DIY isn’t just for chicks. Proof: Tokyo Bay’s limited edition watch-making toolbox, which provides the hands-on experience of customizing and assembling the main components of a classic style watch. Complete with two mid size classic watch faces and four different colored straps, the set also includes back-up batteries and slug pins to keep the men in your life toiling away for hours.
$210 at tokyobayinc.com

Hands Free
Game’s on! Xbox 360 aficionados and dilettantes alike will go gaga over Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, which will change the way you play. Using an infrared camera, the device tracks 48 points on your body to mimic your movements. Simply grip your hands like you were holding a steering wheel or move your hands like you were really skiing, and your avatar imitates your motions. Remote control handsets are so yesterday.
$150 at Target, 133 Serramonte Center, Daly City, 650-755-2393, xbox.com

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