5 Great Lunch Options at Wine Country Farmers Markets


Harvest time in Sonoma County means a bounty of local produce, artisan specialties, and heirloom gems. But among those stalls brimming with juicy berries, stone fruits, and tomatoes in red, purple and gold, something else beckons: a fine meal to munch as you wander.

Jimtown StoreHealdsburg Farmers Market

The Healdsburg Farmers Market draws primarily from farms and producers within 10-miles of its location behind Hotel Healdsburg. And much of that fine produce ends up in the dishes of Jimtown Store. Chef Carrie Brown is constantly changing the menu, based on what’s seasonal,—but alongside baked goods and packed spreads you might find a box lunch sandwich of chicken breast confit, Jimtown spicy chickpea chipotle spread, pickled shallots, lettuce and dill pickle, or a classic antipasti salami Toscano, prosciutto, French brie, Laura Chenel chevre, Jimtown fig and olive spread, Jimtown spicy pepper jam, housemade spiced nuts, marinated olives, crostini and fresh fruit. // Saturdays 9am to noon, May through November; North and Vine Streets

Chalk Hill CookerySebastopol Farmers’ Market

Sebastopol is the land of tiny, family-owned farms, and few chefs put all the ingredients together better than chef Matteo Silverman, showcased at the Sebastopol Farmers’ Market. Lines are always long at his white-canopy stand, for ready-to-eat vegan dishes like oyster mushroom ceviche with guacamole, cilantro crema, and oven-baked tostadas; thyme-scented cashew cheese ravioli with basil puree; and sunflower veggie burgers with miso mustard, caramelized onion, arugula salad and hazelnut broccoli shoots on onion chia flatbread. So clean, so fresh, so tasty. // Sundays 10 am to 1:30 pm; on the Sebastopol Plaza on Weeks Way

The Bone Broth CompanySanta Rosa Certified Farmers’ Market 

The Santa Rosa Certified Farmers’ Market is one of the largest in Wine Country –the granddaddy, actually—due partly to the amazing, mouthwatering draw of The Bone Broth Company. Yes, it’s as sumptuous as it sounds, with savory, marrow rich bones slow simmered for many hours with vegetables, herbs and spices. Chef Cesar Vernier only need lift the lid of one of his stockpots, releasing the fragrant perfume, and we’re there, to savor the broth simply as is, or as a moistener for paella, lamb burgers, and fish tacos. // Wednesdays and Saturdays 8:30 am to 1 pm; 50 Mark West Springs Road (Wells Fargo Center for the Arts). 

Santa Rosa SeafoodWindsor Certified Farmers’ Market

Sushi in the park? Or actually, the Green, which is home to the Windsor Certified Farmers’ Market. Why not, when the seafood is so fresh that much of it was caught off the coast just a short drive west. Think seasonal black cod, King salmon, halibut, rose fish, sand dab, rockfish, petrale sole and such. We’re also hooked on the BBQ oysters, bacon wrapped scallops, calamari, and traditional shrimp Louie salad // Sundays 10 am to 1 pm, May through December; Old Downtown/Town Green

The BejkrSonoma Valley Certified Farmer’s Market

Say the name slowly…b-a-k-e-r… to get the drift of this charming, tastes-so-good bread stand at the Sonoma Valley Certified Farmer’s Market. Mike Zakowski is serious about his starches, and most of them are crafted of ancient, whole grains, sourced from local farms then stone milled. He mixes everything by hand, then bakes in a wood-fired oven, for loaves like rustic Pain de Campagne, seed-studded Pain Biologique, Farro Spezzato and Einkorn wheat. You can get treats like sea-salt sprinkled pretzels, too, hot out of the oven that’s rolled right into his Sonoma market booth. // Fridays 9 am to 12:30 pm; 241 West First Street

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