5 Topics Everyone Will Be Discussing Over Brunch


Feel free to release your inner tree-hugger this weekend, because you may never see those beautiful giants again. 

Technically, You Still Can't Bare Boobs in SF, SF Gate

"Liberal San Francisco — where the baring of breasts was celebrated Sunday in Dolores Park in advance of today's Women's Equality Day — technically remains one of the many cities in America that allow men, but not women, to strip to the waist. During events like Bay to Breakers, Gay Pride and Critical Mass, women taking off their shirts won't be arrested. But the city isn't as progressive as, say, Madison, Wis., when it comes to displaying one's bosom in public, according to gotopless.orgWhile California is one of the many states where top freedom is in effect, local municipalities in those states often pass their own ordinances to supersede the state statute."

During The Super Bowl Mayor Lee Says City's Homeless Will Have To Leave, SFist

"In an apparent doubling down on his controversial April comment that "there won’t be any room" for San Francisco's homeless once the Super Bowl 50 Fan Village is up and running, Mayor Ed Lee yesterday told KPIX 5 that "[the homeless] are going to have to leave." As KPIX reports, the homeless have no place in the Mayor's Super Bowl plans: In about six months, San Francisco is going to transform into the center of the football universe for Super Bowl 50. With part of Market Street being converted to Super Bowl City, the mayor said the homeless in the area must clear out. “They are going to have to leave,” Lee said, summing up his plan for how to handle the homeless when Super Bowl festivities come to town. “We’ll give you an alternative. We are always going to be supportive. But you are going to have to leave the streets."

Réveille Coffee Co. Building New Roasting Headquarters and Cafe in Mission Bay, EaterSF

"Réveille Coffee Co. has certainly come a long way since its 2010 start from a food truck. Owners (and brothers) Tommy and Chris Newbury tell us that they're building the company's fourth location in the pretty undeveloped Mission Bay. "It's very exciting because this is essentially a brand new neighborhood, so we are presented with the unique challenge of helping shape and build a solid foundation for the new residents of the community," Tommy said. "As one of the first coffee and food purveyors in the neighborhood, we couldn't be more thrilled to be a gathering spot for the local community."

San Jose's Leland High School Creates Student ID for Campus Cat Bubba, NBC Bay Area

"After years of hanging out informally on campus, a cat has been made an official member of the student body at San Jose's Leland High School.
The orange and white feline, whose name is Bubba, lives nearby but prefers to spend his waking hours at Leland and neighboring Bret Harte Middle School. His school-issued student ID lets administrators and hall monitors know he belongs."

200 Trees To Be Cut Down in SF, ABC News

"A public hearing was held in San Francisco Monday afternoon over a controversial plan to get rid of dozens of trees to make room for Muni buses.
Nearly 193 trees along the Van Ness corridor from Mission to Lombard streets are on the chopping block. Notices have been posted alerting neighbors that the oaks and eucalyptus in the center of the street and the sidewalks are scheduled for removal to make way for the Bus Rapid Transit System."

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