Alonzo King's Lines


Don't hate them because they tour Europe and have muscles that might be more believable on a mid-level Greek god than on a human. They're still just people - very strong, preternaturally  graceful people. Curving and undulating in an otherwordly sort of way, the dancers don't just mark the technique, they've mastered the level of soul and personality that Alonzo King cultivates in his company.

King has built a reputation for originality, sleek athleticism, and diverse ideas drawn from far beyond the sometimes stuffy dance sphere. Collaborating with Central African pygmy singers, Shaolin monks, and most recently the San Francisco Opera, King continues to expand the reach of a style that remains rooted in ballet while venturing into new territory. Lauded as one of the most sophisticated in the world, Alonzo King's LINES is one company you want to see.

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