Alonzo King’s Lines Collaborates with The Cosmos


Known for visionary choreography, ground-breaking collaborations, and gorgeously articulated movement, Alonzo King’s Lines is always a must-see, whether you’re a ballet fan or just like awesome things. People who like awesome things, take note. 

Created with cutting-edge architect Christopher Haas and Grammy-winning composer Mickey Hart, King’s latest piece plays with our relationship with space, both physical and infinite. (Think solar systems and astrophysics and the Big Bang Theory.) Hart, formerly the percussionist for the Grateful Dead, basically downloaded the inspiration for the music from outer space. No, seriously. Working with some of the world’s leading scientists, he converted light waves into sound waves, translating light from exploding stars into music. 

Haas's structure, built from recycled cardboard and elastic cord, forms the foundation for King's choreography. The dancers balance in precariously elegant ways, weave in and out, and generally embody the kinetic interplay between human and structure and, yes, celestial bodies of light.  

April 15-24. Yerba Buena Center, 701 Mission St. Tickets are $15-65 at 415-978-2787 or

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