Alonzo King's Lines: Scheherazade


Dust and Light is a graceful, floaty ballet, set to baroque Corelli (not of the mandolin, though one could be forgiven for that assumption) blended with ethereal choral music. It's a luminous intro to the duskier Scheherazade, Alonzo King's recent masterpiece.

Inspired by the ancient Persian and Arabic tales of 1,001 Nights, Scheherazade mixes King’s elegant choreography, costumes more couture than leotard, an exotic hybrid of Middle Eastern and Western instruments, and sex. Athletic, balletic, classy, only-really-hinted-at sex. (This is Yerba Buena Center, after all.) (We should all be so graceful, well-dressed, and well-lit in flagrante delicto.)

Lauded for his innovative collaborations and powerfully impressive dancers (with a few also notching in at impressively tall), Alonzo King’s ensemble - called one of the most sophisticated companies in the world - is well worth seeing, whether you're a (charmingly) rabid fan or just passingly fond of dance.

Through October 24. Yerba Buena Center, 700 Howard St. Tickets are $25-75 at


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