Bang-A-Bunny: The Most Adorably Filthy Easter Card Ever


Upper Playground wants to help you to get back to the long-lost roots of Easter.

Well, the Easter Bunny at least.

So to commemorate the fluffy, carrot-chomping symbol of fertility, they enlisted the help of a well-known local artist (and pink bunny enthusiast) by the name of Jeremy Fish. The result: the utterly hilarious (not to mention addicting) Bang A Bunny.

All you have to do is upload photos of the 'giver' and 'receiver', choose whether you're feeling gentle or aggressive (or neither...yawn) and voila!

What comes next is an oddly amazing combination of adorable illustration and carnal urges to help everyone remember the true meaning of Easter: ban...err...birth.

So what are you waiting for?! Okay, you might want to make sure your boss isn't walking by, especially if he's on the receiving end.


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