Ben & Jerry's Tesla "Ice Cream Truck" Coming to SF


The fine folks at Ben & Jerry's (who, among other beatific acts, shove solid cores of caramel into their ice cream pints) are known for their earthy ways. Take climate change, for example: They want to do something about it. So, the brand introduced a shiny new Tesla Model S "ice cream truck" in New York this week as part of its “Save Our Swirled” climate change tour

"In addition to the ice cream paint job, the modified Model S had its backseats stripped out to be replaced with three big freezer boxes, which will be used to distribute free scoops," reports Fast Company. "In exchange, supporters can pledge their signature to Ben & Jerry's and its partner Avaaz, the global-cause site that uses petitions to power its campaigns, in their fight to get global companies to eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels by 2050."

The "Swirled" tour will make its way through the country delivering free ice cream, with the first stop in San Diego during the first week of April. Look for it in San Francisco from May 8 - May 29.  Because, obviously, they have to come to SF. We like ice cream. And we're sort of home to Tesla (2014 Hot 20 honoree Elon Musk founded the company in San Carlos). And not only does the car look cool, but it sounds cool too. "Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Prius" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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