Bhi Bhiman: Local Strummer Making The Big Moves


Bhi Bhiman has a one-of-a-kind name. No, literally. He’s the only person on the planet with this name. But that’s not too terribly unique in a family where all the men are named in similar fashion. For example, his brother’s name is Arj Arjunan, dad is Ramesh Ramesvara, etc.

Born of Sri Lankan Tamil parents in a mid-western wonderland we like to call St. Louis, Bhiman traveled across the country to our finer parts at the tender age of 17. It wasn’t until 2007 that he really began to gain some exposure dominating the café circuit with his witty lyrics and toe-tapping acoustic sets.  His debut album, The Cookbook, is filled with heart-wrenching, serious ballads mixed right in with sarcastic and satirical social commentaries. His strikingly vibrant tenor octave resonates loud and powerful from any stage with as much recognition as his name.

Bhiman is currently working on his sophomore album, set to release in early summer all while keeping busy headlining bigger venues like The Red Devil Lounge, Slim’s, Café du Nord and even Joshua Tree Music Festival. In times like these, it’s music like Bhiman’s light-hearted melodies that gets people through. A good laugh and a big smile is practically guaranteed with every show.

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