CLASH to Hold 'Paranormal' Scavenger Hunt Saturday in Union Square


Get ready for a raucous evening of booze-fueled shenanigans this Saturday at the Tunnel Top Bar on Bush Street, where the California League of Adult Scavenger Hunters (in partnership with the upcoming Paranormal Activity 3) will begin a four-hour search for evidence of spooky goings-on in and around Union Square. The festivities begin promptly at 7 p.m.

Should you be brave enough to accept the challenge, form a team – six members maximum, though solo applicants are also welcome – to discover the local landmarks where inexplicable, supernatural or, yes, paranormal activity is rumored to have taken place. Clues will be provided, mostly dealing with Union Square history and the grisly scandals that originated there. (Think Fatty Arbuckle.)

Once home to the city's red-light district, the square should prove an ideal scavenger-hunt arena. Be sure to bring your running shoes – CLASH will have teams racing in and out of nearby watering holes and businesses for a chance to earn movie-related swag and tickets to a super-secret advance screening. Bonus points can be gained by dousing opposing teams with whipped cream. Drinking and light grooves will follow. For tickets, click here.

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