Craigslist Deal of the Week: $1495 Mission Studio


There's a lot of color in San Francisco's Mission District. Sometimes it comes courtesy of the profanity-laced ramblings you might be subjected to on a typical walk up the street, but mostly it's in the form of brightly hued murals and welcoming storefronts that dot the neighborhood. Either way, it adds up to the character of the area that, bless it, we've come to love.

So it's feels apropos that this week's Craigslist Deal is full of saturated color. From the lime living area to the bubble gum-pink bathroom, there's plenty to catch your eye in this studio on 18th at Lexington, and, given the location, I'd expect nothing less. So maybe the kitchen and main area are a bit divergent in style; one of the joys of the Mission is in the mix of people who call it home, right? Go ahead and bring that same melting pot mentality to your new apartment. I'm sure it's quirks will grow on your just as quickly as the neighborhood does.

Large Studio at 18th and Lexington

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