Editors' Picks: Guardians of the Galaxy, Sci-Fi Shoes, & More


Here's what the 7x7 editors were thinking about this week when they should have been at work. 

"Guardians of the Galaxy" Soundtrack

Filled with funky fresh hits from the '60s and '70s, like the bound-to-get-stuck-in-your-head "Hooked on a Feeling," Awesome Mix Volume 1 is the perfect feel-good soundtrack to SF's upcoming summer. Plus, I dig the retro cover. 

— Sarah Medina (@funkycolsmedina)


Hibiscus rash guard from J.Crew

Since I hail from Hawaii, giving up my days of skimpy bikinis was not a decision I made lightly. Alas, my slowing metabolism will no longer allow such exhibitionism. Luckily, I'm pretty stoked about my new Hibiscus rash guard from J.Crew. Not only does it provide full coverage to hide all my lady lumps, but the striking pattern guarantees that I'll still turn heads at the pool.

— Leilani Marie Labong (@llcoolbabe)


"Star Wars" Vans

As a child of the '70s these shoes are everything to me, a perfect capture of fantasy, comfort, and carefree goofiness. Plus, I have them just in time to wear to the 4th Annual Star Wars day at AT&T Park when the Giants face the Brewers on August 31.

— David Lytle (@davitydave)

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Ad

The beloved brand has a brand new back-to-school campaign that has me pining for the days of construction paper.

— Schuyler Bailey (@SchuylerBailey)

Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Skin Mask

Dr. Jart+ has a cult following — their claim to fame was bringing B.B. Cream to America — and they can count me as one of its most devoted fans. The Water Replenishment mask is one of my recent favorites. It’s a cotton sheet mask infused with botanical extracts (chamomile, olive, cactus) that soothe and hydrate. Leave it on for twenty minutes and moments later your face feels soft, supple, and glowy.

— Cheryl Locke 

The clown-meets-Converse action happening at the Raf Simons fall 2014 menswear show

I do not know how Raf Simons dreamed up what he put down on the 2014 runway this fall, but however he did it, I'm all in. First, we have that black coat trimmed with a swath of horizontal vibrancy. That's downright gorgeous. Next, those shoes. Look at them. No, LOOK AT THEM. While you can't buy them yet (or, quite possibly, ever), their bulbous and weighty look signal in a chunky, larger era of men's footwear. See you later, Toms, Sperry, et al.

— Brock Keeling (@BrockKeeling)

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