Editors' Picks: The Hashkey, Wednesday Addams' Thanksgiving Speech, & More

What 7x7 editors were salivating over this week.

HashKey: a Dedicated 1-Key Keyboard for the Hashtag

This is pointless, hilarious, and perfectly troll-y as it will prompt painful eyerolling from any and all who see it. So, obviously, I must have it. Via the Kickstarter page: "HashKey is a unique one-key keyboard dedicated solely to the awesome hashtag. No more wondering how to do a hashtag on your computer or having to press two keys to make it happen! We want to save social media nerds around the world valuable seconds and celebrate the mighty hashtag’s contribution to digital communication!" #Delightful — Brock Keeling (@BrockKeeling)

Juniper Ridge Wilderness Perfume

Thanksgiving is here, which means that it’s basically Christmas morning (and the anticipation is killing me). I’m getting in the holiday spirit with a healthy spritz of Juniper Ridge's Christmas Fir cabin spray, made from wild harvested Northwest fir, cedar, and pine trees from Mt. Hood. It is quite literally Christmas cheer in a bottle. When I let some loose in the office, it prompted this exclamation from a colleague: “I just feel so jolly!” Exactly.  — Schuyler Bailey (@SchuylerBailey)

Wednesday Addams’ Thanksgiving Speech in Addams Family Value

"The gods of my tribe have spoken. They have said, 'Do not trust the Pilgrims, especially Sarah Miller.' " This scene should be mandatory viewing on every Thanksgiving. A true holiday classic. — Sarah Medina (@funkycolsmedina)

Life Chiropractic

Iatrophobia. Definition: an abnormal or irrational fear of doctors. Confession: I used to kick my pediatrician. The ironic twist: I’m engaged to a student of chiropractic who has long been certain that my chronic neck and back pain is due to all kinds of misplaced vertebra and stuff. So finally, desperate to feel good during my vacation in Hawaii, I succumbed to a visit to Dr. Austin Davis, a Hayes Valley–based doctor and graduate of Life West chiro college in Hayward. His office, filled with poppy prints of San Francisco, immediately put me at ease; as did his chill bedside manner and clear explanation of all the horrors about to ensue. While the sound of my neck cracking in a million places is one I could forever live without, Dr. Davis set me straight. No more ribs out of place. Atlas officially unshrugged. Vacation: perfectly pain-free. — Chloe Harris (@ChloeH415)

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